Everyone loves ZOMBIES.
So why not put all my ZOMBIE RELATED blog content in one ZOMBIE RELATED BLOG...

I'm a comic book creator/artist/publisher, and freelance illustrator - JMart (aka Jason Martin)

I'm the publisher of the recent zombie graphic novel, ZOMBIE TRAMP, under my Super Real Graphics comic book publishing banner, in addition to currently working on pre-production of my own zombie comic book, NIGHT OF THE 80's UNDEAD, and other zombie related comics. I've also created and published the comic book series, SUPER REAL, and am developing a pulp/grindhouse comic book mash-up, PULP GIRLS.

My love affair with zombies is mostly new, as I wasn't a fan of the horror genre in my youth, preferring science fiction movies and television, and super hero and independent comics. However, my wife converted me years ago into a full fledged horror junkie, and we rarely miss a chance to catch the latest releases on DVD. My love for zombies though is even more recent, basically being turned onto the sub-genre with 2004's DAWN of the DEAD Zack Snyder remake, and quickly discovering and cherishing George Romero's original zombie trilogy, and the many modern zombie classics, like RETURN of the LIVING DEAD, and ZOMBIE etc.

As one who lives and breathes comics and pop culture, zombies have certainly been seeping into more mediums for years, but no matter how much they saturate other cultures, their popularity hasn't seemed to have peaked, and in fact, it seems zombies are only getting more and more popular! So I have no doubt that any zombie-centric blog could help feed the undead hunger of zombie worshipers the world over...

Jason Martin
November 2010
Me with George Romero at ZomBcon 2010